Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
- The Buddha

Gazardiel is the Angel of Renewal. Her choir is Cherubim, and her cherubic animal is the firefly. Her soul colour is spring green; her associated flower is the Damask Rose.

Gazardiel is the most energetic person you'll meet, except when she's not, and when she's not, she's asleep. Initially, her attitute is rather infectious: she's high-spirited, fervid, and excited, a sunny contrast to her angst-mongering siblings. After about two minutes, however, Gaz gets rather annoying. Her relentless optimism in the face of clearly awful circumstances is rather ridiculous. Talking to her is an exercise in incomprehensibility, as Gaz's speech could keep pace with of a hummingbird's heartbeat. She jumps from topic to topic without a clear thread of thought, leaving sentences unfinished and making up new words when she can't think of the correct ones quickly enough

In all fairness, it's not exactly Gaz's fault. Her soul works overtime creating energy, which, in a combat situation, Gazardiel could dole out to those who were running low. However, during more mundane situations (that is to say, most of the time), this energy has no outlet, so Gazardiel's body has adapted to run off of this excessive energy, and being that there is quite a lot of it, her racecar runs several hundred miles per hour faster than everyone else's. Her engine isn't very efficient, though, as her body doesn't spend the energy in a steady, even manner, but instead in short bursts, after which Gazardiel must recharge, usually, by taking a nap. Thusly, Gaz takes several throughout the day in order to continue to function on her "normal" level. Her metabolism is ridiculously fast; Gaz eats like a sumo wrestler but burns every calorie. (As she gets older, Gaz finds it very easy to get drunk after only a few sips of beer, as her liver metabolizes the alcohol very quickly).

Gazardiel is extremely intelligent (bright, even) and quick on the uptake. When she's awake, she's alert and observant, picking up every minute detail in a glance. She can juggle several hundred ideas at once, relating them in ways not obvious to most. She is very good at planning, as she can easily work out every possible kink in a plan in a matter of seconds, but Gaz is awful at both leading and at articulating her ideas, so this skill is often lost on others. If circumstances change, Gaz is eminantly adaptable, and will formulate a new course of action within seconds.

In her childhood, Gazardiel is rather unmanagable. Not only can she not sit still nor be troubled to sleep when she isn't tired (but her parents are), but she randomly discharges energy into random people and/or objects. This results in the destruction of more than a few toys and kitchen appliances, as well as making Kerensa's hair extremely frizzy. Once Gazardiel is apprenticed to Lucifer, things calm down considerably. Lucifer teaches her meditation and other calming exercises to help Gaz expend energy more efficiently, as well Whitescript, a method of coded embroidery that requires the utmost concentration. Gaz, needless to say, is not the fastest learner when it comes to being cool and collected, but she's nothing if not an eager student.

Gazardiel inherits her grandmother's platinum-blond hair, but with Kerensa's waves times five-hundred. Kerensa patiently braids Gaz's frizz into two tight plaits, but by the end of the day much of it manages to wriggle its way out. Her eyes are Memuneh's pale periwinkle, and always look a little bit big for her face. Gazardiel's figure remains extremely birdlike even through puberty, in contrast to her mother's curves. Despite her best efforts, usually based in chocolate, Gazardiel cannot manage to gain weight; she's built like a prepubescent boy, and just as short. Gaz has delicate, fine-boned features with a splatter of freckles across her nose and shoulders. Her skin is pale under all the freckles, and, when especially full of energy, she literally glows. Gazardiel's fashion sense runs towards bright, neon and rather skimpy, as she gets hot very easily. An idea outfit for her would be a bikini, but she settles for cropped tank-tops, Daisy dukes, miniskirts, and sandals. Weather is no deterrent.


City of Dis AU: In the City of Dis, Gazardiel is one of two Angelic prisoners in House Raziel (Chamuel being the other). Gazardiel stubbornly refuses to fall, and her siblings' (mostly Paimon) goading only makes her that much more obstinate. Lacking in Lucifer's gentle guidance, Gaz never learns to control her power, which flows off of her in waves and is used to power the Tower, as well as an all-purpose refresher by any passing demon. She's the angelic equivalent of Red Bull, essentially. Gaz gave up trying to escape, and though she hasn't quite accepted her fate, she appears sullenly resigned, if still resentful.

Advent of Angels AU: In the AoA, Gazardiel is a war mage under the command of Briah. She and Admael are lovers, and the parents of Caymasar.