Shateiel is the Angel of Silence. Her choir is Elohim. Her weapon is a pike. Her color is Mossy Green. Publicly, she is a secretary and gopher for her uncle Duriel. Less publicly, she is Lahatiel of the Malake Habbalah. She is played by Angie.

Holy War (120-148)

Shateiel comes from a long line of distinguished angels with her human mother being a notable exception. Born the daughter of Duma, Mr. Brooding War Hero, and Bifian, a shy human shepherdess, Shateiel was the oldest child and only angel of the union. Between her father's near-constant forays into battle and her mother's unease with all angels save her father, Shateiel was practically raised by her paternal grandparents, Ymlael and Tarquam, and her young uncle, Duriel for the early years of her life. Good thing she adored them, huh? Even when Yms put her in the most pink-and-ruffly things she could find. A charmer at a young age and thinking marriage had something to do with cookies, she forced promised proposals out of both Duriel and Raziel. You will see how this is ironic later on. Thanks, grandma. When she was about six, she was sent to the dorms where she literally ran into young Michael. Thus a friendship was born. It involved a lot of cloud-watching, flower-wreath-making, giggling, and talking.

When she was fourteen, Shateiel was pulled aside by Duriel and given his famous You Are Not Like Others speech (not that anyone else had gotten it yet but it was still famous, yes). Thus she became his apprentice and, quietly, the newest member of the Malake Habbalah with the nifty codename Lahatiel by sixteen. Her methods invoked the spirit of Mata Hari and no one told her uncle in the interest of keeping their heads. Even Raziel never quite managed to break the news that he had relieved Shateiel of her virginity to his bestest friend. She took over the mentorship of a certain wicked little Angel of Death when she was eighteen. Samael helped her through her grandparents' death that year. He also became her sometime-lover.

In 143, Bifian died in childbirth on a visit to her native village. Duma took it extraordinarily badly and, by the end of the year, Shateiel was forced to kill her newly-Fallen father. Ouch. Things look up in 144, though, when, to the shock of all, Samael proposed. While they had been casual lovers for years and clearly Very Good Friends and secretly Very Close Co-Workers, the level to which they took the devotion eventually was pretty epic. This was a couple who were all-too-willing to kill for each other if you follow. Of course, they were also them and so would sometimes have to have tense, vicious fights in private but it was okay because they always made up. Nine months into the marriage, by way of a minor miracle, Acheliah and Azrael were born. Rahab, who was both a former lover and had been appointed bodyguard when Shateiel was pregnant, stuck around because, hey, that's Baby Apocalypse right there, people.

Being friends with Rahab made things uncomfy when, in 146, Lahatiel was forced to kill Aralim, daughter of Rahab and Leliel. However, 148 -really- sucked even worse. Early on in the year, Shateiel and Samael found and killed the Fallen Memuneh (let's hear it for having to kill another dear friend's relative!). In the battle, he pulled out all the stops and, in an awful bit of what we know to be foreshadowing, gave Shateiel some nasty hallucinations of Samael's corpse, battered and bloody and lifeless - her greatest fear ever. Then, in mid-May, the suckiness factor quadrupled. Shateiel's beloved uncle Duriel Fell and her even-more-beloved husband Samael slipped out to kill him, leaving Shateiel behind. In a panic of worry, she goes out to hunt (looking for convenient Fallen to participate in a draw), returning to the Keep gravely wounded and having missed out on the trauma of Keepfall. In the end, though, it was the heartbreak of seeing Samael placed in a grave that killed her. She died of a broken heart and was buried beside him in the Field of Heroes.


Still in the works

Apprentices: Samael

Mentor: Duriel

Coworkers: Duriel, Samael

Friends: can we say virtually everyone? Sandalphon, Rahab, Orfiel, Gabriel, Tabris, Michael, etc.

Enemies: um... Fallens?

Romantic Interests: Samael and I'm not sure here but among her "favorites" were Zomiel, Amatiel, and Rahab

Parents: Duma and Bifian

Children: Acheliah (daughter) and Azrael (son)

Other Relatives: Kamael (sister-in-law), Orfiel (sister-in-law), Heel (niece), Nesanel (nephew), Sarafinah (niece)

The Spiral

650 B.C.: Hero, the priestess

938-970: Agafia, the pious handmaiden

1351-1380: Ysabel, the shepherdess

1526-1571: Bianca di Angelica, the courtesan (Eufemia)

1614-1632: Melisande, the noble

1818-1847: Marie-Ange Dupont, the dancer (Salome)

1851-1909: Shizuka, the cursed

1917-1949: Josephine Sullivan O'Keefe, the society songbird (Josie)

1950-1969: Sally Temple, the lost (Sally)

Modern Day


Shateiel's modern incarnation is Fia Devony, a maths major who values her cat, her family, and her pub. Don't get in the way of her and her B&H either.

Beacon City

(Consider the usual warnings about canon. BC is in flux and things read here are generally speculative... Mostly.)

After her mother's retirement and move to Ireland to care for her ailing parents, Devo takes over the management of The Feather and The Frog. Her cat Benson has repopulated Greenwich and few angels can avoid leaving the pub with one of the cute-but-ugly kittens being thrust upon them. Reporters fear her for good reason and they rarely try their luck enough to push their way into The Feather. This is just fine with her and, following her belief that it is a good idea for all teenagers to try at least a little honest labor, she provides a safe and hassle-free environment for many young angels to earn their first paychecks. This includes her niece and two nephews once they are a) old enough and b) she can convince her sister-in-law Sahaqiel that it would be a growing experience. Yes, that's right. Ellie married Devo's older brother Kirwin and popped out sprogs. Devo adores them terribly and spoils them a bit in secret. (In case you were curious, yes, she wore a dress for Ellie's sake as part of the bridal party.)

Orfiel chooses her to mentor Rephaim and, after hours of begging and pleading and threatening, she finally wins out and Devo reluctantly takes on the job. Ironically, she proves to be the best thing that ever happened to the snarky young angel and the two become friends forever after she beats the fact of her supremacy into him. Sadly (to Reph's mind), they never become Friends With Benefits.

As a matter of fact, Devo seems chronically unable to maintain a long-term romantic relationship with anyone. She gives it a go here and there and honestly does like the guys she dates but something always comes up and the romance ends amicably. Whether that something is her haunting nightmares of lives lived long ago or her own nature or how Eden hangs around like a bad odor, it's anyone's guess. Speaking of Eden, though, Devo reaches a strange, tense-comfy plateau with him and, while she could rarely be accused of treating him nicely, at least she seems to accept his continued existence. She never makes him pay his bar tab and they sit around her flat above The Feather (on completely opposite ends of the couch, mind) and mock bad made-for-TV movies about the Angels. By mutual, unspoken agreement, they always change the channel when a Holy War scene involves Samael and Shateiel in any kind of clinch or liplock.

She holds one equal vote in the Council of Sarim, having fought viciously at Normandy.


(So not canon that it does a lewd dance!)

Lady of Cacophony: Consort to the Lord of Murder and matriarch of the House of Samael in City of Dis AU, a sultry, never-quiet creature with balls of steel and the mind of a dozen tyrant princes. She keeps them in jars in her budoir, wanna see? Doting mother (in her own way) and true bunny-boiling wife. When she gets going, she can make RATT seem melodic and muted.